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Professional Headshots – Not Just for Actors and Politicians

Headshot IconWith the widespread, daily use of social media and the internet as the go-to source for information, a professional business profile is vital. Consider also that display resolutions continuously improve and HD shows many things, not all complimentary.

According to Inna Kay of Inna Kay Photography, 80% of people searching for you will do so online first, before ever meeting you in person. For social media sites like LinkedIn, professional headshots are a must. However, have you considered adding headshots for your “About Us” page on the business web site, showing your management and team? Facebook company pages should also be considered.

Seeing the people behind the business is a key differentiation in the marketplace. Even members of the business-centric social media site,, should consider adding photographs of their staff to their profiles.

We asked Inna Kay Photography, who is a member of WinWinUSA, for some photography advice. Inna suggests keeping the right mindset during a photography session, “You should look professional and trustworthy…” In addition, “professional images can be used to create your personal brand.” Using a professional will provide you with an objective and experienced eye, not to mention a skilled “touch-up” artist.

If you insist on doing your own photography, then Inna advises that you at least have a fundamental understanding of light and photography equipment, framing and angles.Casual - Inna Kay Photography

“A professional photographer will know exactly what to do to make you look your best”, says Inna. As mentioned, touching up is an invaluable skill that a professional brings to the table. “I spend several hours after the shoot retouching the photos to ensure my clients look their best.” Another service is optimizing photos for various media like, the web, presentations, business cards, etc.

What to Wear

1. Wear well fitted clothes. This is your professional image and it should show.
2. Avoid brightly colored outfits. There is nothing wrong with a colorful accent but keep it tasteful.
3. No pink please. It doesn’t look professional.
4. Women should avoid low cut tops as it can look like there is no top at all!
5. Dress well but make sure you are comfortable. Your outfit should make you feel confident.
6. Darker colors tend to be best as they distract less from the face.
7. Don’t worry about the pants and shoes as they will not be in the shot. Focus on the upper half.

What to bring

  • Hair Spray/Gel (if needed)
  • Hair Brush
  • (Ladies) Lipstick, Eyeliner, Blush, Powder
  • Chopsticks
  • Napkins
  • Extra shirt/blouse and tie

How much time is required

The amount of time required depends on the purpose of the photo shoot and how many photographs will be needed. However, a standard business headshot session will probably run about an hour.

“We are a mobile studio”, say Inna. “That means we bring the studio to your office. Equipment setup and shooting time will take less than an hour…often times accomplished during lunch break.”

Wrap Up

With notable investments in a logo design, brochures, web sites, resumes, etc, a critical area often overlooked or inadequately invested in is professional photography for a business’s core team or for your own professional headshot. Complete and compliment your brand investments and schedule your photo-shoot.


Special thanks to Inna Kay Photography.

Inna Kay Photography

Stock Photography

Stock photography by Robert Kwasnicki at Alamy


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