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Marketing To Millennials On Social Media Will Help Increase Sales Through Friend Influence

Have you ever realized the influence your friends have on the purchases you make? Social media is the key marketing strategy for any product-based business. By featuring a photo of your product on social medias, like Facebook or Instagram, it becomes simple marketing and a guaranteed sale. These businesses are gaining a large fan base on these sites, through hashtags by their purchasers, and views from the purchaser’s followers.

millennials businessThe reason being, these businesses are targeting the “Millennials”, which is a group of people born between 1980-2000. Studies have shown this cohort of people, are willing to make online purchases after a brief viewing of product photos. The viewer becomes intrigued by the product photo and brief description, quickly leading them to want more information about the product. This then leads the viewer to the businesses main page, where they can conveniently locate and access the businesses website all while they “like” or “follow” this new business.

Once the viewer has located their product of interest they quickly do a little research on the site. The viewer is now ready to make their online purchase directly from the site, and can hardly wait for it to arrive in the mail. When the product arrives, the purchaser is excited to try out their new purchase, all while sharing the news with their followers. They usually share a photo of the new product with a description explaining how awesome the product is, encouraging their friends to try it for themselves. The purchaser’s friends and followers are now influenced by this purchase and make it their mission to try this product as well, and hope for the same positive results.

This is where the hashtags come into play, as the purchaser will more than likely hashtag their new product. As well as tagging the business in their post, making it easy for their followers to now jump on the product bandwagon and start the cycle again. As stated, this is simple and efficient marketing for this business. The product has now sold itself, and in turn the buyer is now marketing for the business without even realizing it.

One simple post of a product photo, has led this business to not only gain a new “like” or “follower” but also a customer. This has now opened the door for this business to not only keep this customer but also gain more potential customers. All while keeping them in the know about their new and upcoming products for seasons to come. We never really know how much an influence a friend can have on us. That is until we start looking around at all our products and realize a good portion of stuff is the same, and neither person has a complaint about it. In fact, they are satisfied knowing they have shared some of their best “finds”, with their friend and are content with their purchases.

Amanda Rosenblum -

– Amanda Rosenblum (Contributor)

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